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Set of 4 Background and Flourish Stencils

Set of 4 Background and Flourish Stencils£15.49

Layering Stencils: 3 Part Vine

Layering Stencils: 3 Part Vine£3.99

Layering Stencils: 2 Part Cogs

Layering Stencils: 2 Part Cogs£3.35


A Skinner Stencil - DISTRESSED DIGITS£3.99   £1.00

Mini Stencil - Distressed Diamond

Mini Stencil - Distressed Diamond£1.20

Mini Stencil - Distressed Sequins

Mini Stencil - Distressed Sequins£1.20

A Skinner Stencil - BAROQUE

A Skinner Stencil - BAROQUE£3.99   £1.00

A Skinner Stencil - SKULLDUGGERY

A Skinner Stencil - SKULLDUGGERY£3.99   £1.00

Layering Stencils: 3 Part Flourish

Layering Stencils: 3 Part Flourish£3.99

Mini Stencil - Guitar

Mini Stencil - Guitar£1.20   £0.20

Mini Stencil - Cobweb

Mini Stencil - Cobweb£1.20

Mini Stencil - Keys

Mini Stencil - Keys£1.20   £0.20

Mini Stencil - Measured

Mini Stencil - Measured£1.20

Mini Stencil - Numbers

Mini Stencil - Numbers£1.20

Mini Stencil - Stitches

Mini Stencil - Stitches£1.20

Mini Stencil - Tyres

Mini Stencil - Tyres£1.20

Mini Stencil - Blocks

Mini Stencil - Blocks£1.20

Mini Stencil - Brick

Mini Stencil - Brick£1.20

Mini Stencil - Clock

Mini Stencil - Clock£1.20

Mini Stencil - Cogs

Mini Stencil - Cogs£1.20

Mini Stencil - Flourish

Mini Stencil - Flourish£1.20

Mini Stencil - Fragile

Mini Stencil - Fragile£1.20

Mini Stencil - Giraffe

Mini Stencil - Giraffe£1.20

Mini Stencil - Hive

Mini Stencil - Hive£1.20

Mini Stencil - Leaves 1

Mini Stencil - Leaves 1£1.20

Mini Stencil - Music

Mini Stencil - Music£1.20

Mini Stencil - Snowflakes

Mini Stencil - Snowflakes£1.20

Mini Stencil - Splatters

Mini Stencil - Splatters£1.20

Mini Stencil - Stone

Mini Stencil - Stone£1.20

Mini Stencil - Ink Splat

Mini Stencil - Ink Splat£1.20

Mini Stencil - Bricks perspective

Mini Stencil - Bricks perspective£1.20

Mini Stencil - Claw marks

Mini Stencil - Claw marks£1.20

Mini Stencil - Dot Stream

Mini Stencil - Dot Stream£1.20

Mini Stencil - Post Mark

Mini Stencil - Post Mark£1.20   £0.20

Mini Stencil - Skeletal Hand

Mini Stencil - Skeletal Hand£1.20

Mini Stencil - Criss Cross

Mini Stencil - Criss Cross£1.20

Mini Stencil - Distressed Harlequin Small

Mini Stencil - Distressed Harlequin Small£1.20


Craftalong Kit: STENCILS AND WINGS£7.99

Fiona Randall Stencils: Mandala Moon

Fiona Randall Stencils: Mandala Moon£4.99

Fiona Randall Stencils: Moon Circle

Fiona Randall Stencils: Moon Circle£4.99

Fiona Randall Stencils: Moon Phases

Fiona Randall Stencils: Moon Phases£4.99

Fiona Randall Stencils: Moon Rays

Fiona Randall Stencils: Moon Rays£4.99

Fiona Randall Stencils: Star Shower

Fiona Randall Stencils: Star Shower£4.99

Fiona Randall Stencils: Zodiac Symbols

Fiona Randall Stencils: Zodiac Symbols£4.99

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: ARROWS

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: ARROWS£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: BARBED

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: BARBED£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: BRICK

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: BRICK£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: CIRCLES

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: CIRCLES£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: CLASSIFIED

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: CLASSIFIED£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: DOTS

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: DOTS£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: FRAGILE

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: FRAGILE£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: INDUSTRIAL

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: INDUSTRIAL£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: JOURNAL

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: JOURNAL£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: KEEP OUT

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: KEEP OUT£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: LETTERS

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: LETTERS£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: NUMBERS

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: NUMBERS£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: RINGS

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: RINGS£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: STITCHES

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: STITCHES£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: STONE

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: STONE£2.40

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: TOP SECRET

Stencil 260mm x 65mm: TOP SECRET£2.40

Stencil/Mask: Bubble Flourish

Stencil/Mask: Bubble Flourish£3.80   £0.50

Stencil/Mask: Bullseye

Stencil/Mask: Bullseye£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Clock

Stencil/Mask: Clock£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Cobweb

Stencil/Mask: Cobweb£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Cobweb 2

Stencil/Mask: Cobweb 2£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Cogs Group

Stencil/Mask: Cogs Group£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Criss Cross Grid

Stencil/Mask: Criss Cross Grid£3.85   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Crocodile

Stencil/Mask: Crocodile£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Diamond Circles

Stencil/Mask: Diamond Circles£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Distorted Harlequin

Stencil/Mask: Distorted Harlequin£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Distorted Hive

Stencil/Mask: Distorted Hive£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Footprints

Stencil/Mask: Footprints£3.99

Stencil/Mask: Grid Moroccan

Stencil/Mask: Grid Moroccan£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Grid Round

Stencil/Mask: Grid Round£3.99

Stencil/Mask: Haunted House

Stencil/Mask: Haunted House£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Hearts Background

Stencil/Mask: Hearts Background£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Ink Splatters

Stencil/Mask: Ink Splatters£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Leaves set of 2

Stencil/Mask: Leaves set of 2£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Letters

Stencil/Mask: Letters£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Long Flourish

Stencil/Mask: Long Flourish£3.80

Stencil/Mask: Musical

Stencil/Mask: Musical£4.00

Stencil/Mask: Poppy

Stencil/Mask: Poppy£3.35   £1.00

Stencil/Mask: Rectangles

Stencil/Mask: Rectangles£3.80   £0.50

Stencil: BRICK

Stencil: BRICK£3.60

Stencil: BRICK acrylic

Stencil: BRICK acrylic£4.50

Stencil: BUBBLES

Stencil: BUBBLES£3.60

Stencil: COBBLES

Stencil: COBBLES£3.60

Stencil: COBBLES acrylic

Stencil: COBBLES acrylic£4.50


Stencil: DOTSTREAM£3.60


Stencil: FOOTPRINT£3.60

Stencil: LEAVES

Stencil: LEAVES£3.60


Stencil: MEASURED£3.60

Stencil: MISH MASH

Stencil: MISH MASH£3.60



Seawhite: Palette Knife

Seawhite: Palette Knife£1.60

Covers 260mm x 65mm

Covers 260mm x 65mm£2.40

Seawhite: Palette Knife T22

Seawhite: Palette Knife T22£1.60

Distress Oxide: SPICE

Distress Oxide: SPICE£7.50

Distress Oxide: ANTIQUE LINEN

Distress Oxide: ANTIQUE LINEN£7.50

Distress Oxide: BLACK SOOT

Distress Oxide: BLACK SOOT£7.50

Distress Oxide: BROKEN CHINA

Distress Oxide: BROKEN CHINA£7.50


Distress Oxide: FOSSILIZED AMBER£7.50


Distress Oxide: MILLED LAVENDER£7.50

Distress Oxide: PEELED PAINT

Distress Oxide: PEELED PAINT£7.50

Distress Oxide: RUSTY HINGE

Distress Oxide: RUSTY HINGE£7.50


Distress Oxide: SEEDLESS PRESERVES£7.50


Distress Oxide: SHABBY SHUTTERS£7.50


Distress Oxide: VICTORIAN VELVET£7.50

Distress Oxide: WALNUT STAIN

Distress Oxide: WALNUT STAIN£7.50

Distress Oxide: WEATHERED WOOD

Distress Oxide: WEATHERED WOOD£7.50

Ring Binder for 148x82mm

Ring Binder for 148x82mm£3.50

Ring Binder for 100x100mm

Ring Binder for 100x100mm£3.50

Royal Langnickel Embossing Stylus Set

Royal Langnickel Embossing Stylus Set£3.45

Media Mister: Orange

Media Mister: Orange£2.90

Media Mister: Purple

Media Mister: Purple£2.90

Media Mister: Red

Media Mister: Red£2.90

Media Mister: Carbon Black

Media Mister: Carbon Black£2.90

Media Mister: Primary Cyan

Media Mister: Primary Cyan£2.90

Media Mister: Primary Magenta

Media Mister: Primary Magenta£2.90

Media Mister: White Shimmer

Media Mister: White Shimmer£2.90

Media Mister: Yellow Shimmer

Media Mister: Yellow Shimmer£2.90

12 Houses of Christmas: Month 3

12 Houses of Christmas: Month 3£4.99

12 Houses of Christmas: Month 4

12 Houses of Christmas: Month 4£4.99

Craftalong Kit: COLUMNS£21.99

Craftalong Kit: ORNAMENTAL£21.99

Media: Black Modelling Paste

Media: Black Modelling Paste£4.45

Media: Clear Modelling Paste

Media: Clear Modelling Paste£5.25

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