Important Notice

I just wanted update you on our situation with the COVID-19 virus. 

As most of you know Tando Creative is a 2 man band...just Tony and I. We are fortunate that we can operate from our home so we don’t have to travel to and from a place of work.

I am in the vulnerable group of people so I’m being particularly careful and not going out at all. Tony is going out for essential supplies...and also currently to take orders and parcels to the post office.

Already three of our material/product suppliers has gone into lockdown, understandably, and I expect others to follow.

We’ve decided that we are happy to keep the website open...we really want to be able to keep you, our friends, supplied with craft items that you need to help keep you sane during these dark times but we can only work with the materials/products we have in stock if more of our suppliers close.

We will, however, be limiting the number of trips out that Tony has to make so orders won’t necessarily be dispatched as soon as we receive them, they may take a few days to go.

Also, please just check with me on stocks of “non Tando” items before you order. PayPal have brought in new rules that we no longer get the fees refunded to us when we issue a refund for an out if stock good of them LOL. I should have more time now to update our stock levels in due course as we have no external events.

Of course, we can also only operate if the postal and courier systems are available.

I will continue to do as many Facebook Lives as I can so we can craft together....there are many people doing lives at the moment so a huge supply of inspiration is out there.

Please stay safe and stay in as much as you possibly can lovely people xxxx

Please note, this is a brand new website for Tando Creative Limited.  It has been a real labour of love and there is much more to do.  You will see images missing and there are still things to upload but I'm working on it ;)   However, if you do come across any missing links or odd things going on don't hesitate to let me know :) 

You will need to create a new account before you can start ordering as the customer database has not been transferred over from our old site. 

Remember to tick the box at the end if you would like to receive our rare but very informative and sometimes interesting newsletters.

For consumers please complete and submit the New Account form.  This is all you need to do to begin ordering.

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Featured Products
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Pink Ink Designs: Chameleon A5£17.50

Pink Ink Designs: Hare A5

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Pink Ink Designs: Holy Crab A5£17.50

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Pink Ink Designs: Funky Monkey A5£17.50

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Pink Ink Designs: Dragonfly A5£17.50

Pink Ink Designs: Llama Queen A5

Pink Ink Designs: Llama Queen A5£17.50