6 x 6 Stencils

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Stencil/Mask: Distorted Hive

Stencil/Mask: Distorted Hive£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Dotted Star

Stencil/Mask: Dotted Star£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Grid Moroccan

Stencil/Mask: Grid Moroccan£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Hanging Baubles

Stencil/Mask: Hanging Baubles£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Harlequin

Stencil/Mask: Harlequin£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Haunted House

Stencil/Mask: Haunted House£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Hearts Background

Stencil/Mask: Hearts Background£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Ink Splatters

Stencil/Mask: Ink Splatters£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Leaves set of 2

Stencil/Mask: Leaves set of 2£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Letters

Stencil/Mask: Letters£3.35

Stencil/Mask: Poppy

Stencil/Mask: Poppy£3.35

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Page 2 of 2:    23 Items